Placing Value on Educating Student Groups and Community Organizations

At Blaschak Coal Corp, we see education as part of our duty to the community. Over the years, we have opened our doors to many groups, local and distant, and provided information and materials to explain what we are doing to not only extract the anthracite we mine, but also reclaim and restore the land to its original condition.

The continuation of our economy and way of life is, and always will, be dependent on industrial activity. It would be hard to imagine what life might be like if it were not for materials like wood, cotton, food and minerals that are grown and harvested, or mined from the earth.;. Letting people see and investigate the kind of activity that produces these materials is helpful in maintaining a balanced dialogue on things like mining.

As in past years, this spring, Blaschak hosted a couple of groups at our mining locations – the first being undergrad and graduate students from the Earth and Planetary Sciences program from Harvard.  This program studies geological science, environmental geoscience, solid earth geophysics and other geocentric sciences. This was the third time in the last four years that we have hosted this group. We took them to an active anthracite surface mine where they were able to observe our methods, and study the regional geology, and made our technical staff available to them for questions along the way. We have hosted groups from Harvard, LaSalle, Bryn Mawr College, Cornell Broome Community College in NY, and others.

Harvard Students

Students from the Earth and Planetary Sciences program at Harvard University

We also had the recent honor of hosting a local Boy Scout Troop from Berks County. The Boy Scouts have developed a new Mining in Society Merit Badge, and a group of scouts from this troop desired to earn the badge. In this case, our Chief Engineer volunteered to become a merit badge counselor to work with the troop and assist them in earning the badge. He arranged for and conducted the educational steps and hosted the group on a tour of the Pioneer Tunnel Underground Mine in Ashland, PA and Blaschak’s mining operation near Centralia, PA. Scouts from this troop learned first-hand about mining, and 11 earned this badge.

Boy Scouts

Berks County area boy scouts as they seek to earn Mining in Society Merit Badge

Industrial companies should make it a priority to integrate themselves into the communities where they operate.  We take this responsibility seriously and are proud of the way our employees come forward to provide the education, time and effort needed to open our doors and share their knowledge with these groups.


Greg Driscoll

President & CEO

Blaschak Coal Corp

Posted on 05/22/17
By Greg Driscoll