People Make the Difference – An Idea in Action

I have written before how important people are to the success of any organization and how people of character can make huge differences in their communities and companies. About a year ago, I wrote about a couple of our people and how their lives have impacted others.

Yesterday morning, October 27, 2016, one of our long-term employees, making a delivery to our processing plant, while driving through our local town, noticed flames coming out of a home. Many people would have called 911, and of course Bruce did that, but he also pulled off the road and ran toward the fire alerting the family (we start our work early each day – the family was still in bed) and assuring that everyone reached safety.

Now, Bruce has been driving our over-the-road trucks for about 15 years. He is one of those employees who just quietly and efficiently does his job, day in and day out ‒ someone who does not draw attention to himself. As it turns out, he also has over 25 years of service as a volunteer fireman, so the idea of running toward the fire was not new to him. But, the fact that he was aware there was a fire, and was willing to risk his own wellbeing to be sure that a family he did not even know was safe, is a great example of what real citizenry should look like. I am so proud that a Blaschak employee was ready and willing to think first of others.

Thankfully, this kind of bravery is not required on a regular basis, but just the thought that we have people like Bruce Straub, ready to do the right thing when and if needed is a comforting idea to me, as it ought to be to the residents of the community he works in and lives in.

I am truly grateful that this kind of selfless behavior is not limited to only one of our employees. It is a privilege to be able to celebrate this action and comforting to know that we have people like Bruce working for Blaschak Coal.

THANK YOU, Bruce, for putting others first! You are a HERO to us all.

Greg Driscoll
October 28, 2016

Posted on 10/28/16
By Greg Driscoll