Blaschak Coal Corp Sets Sales Record in 2018

Company Experiences Growth in Metallurgical Process Industries, Home Heating Sector and Food Services Market


Bagged anthracite, ready to load

MAHANOY CITY, PA (January 23, 2019) Blaschak Coal Corp, one of the country’s top anthracite producers, has achieved record sales tonnage for the 2018 calendar year. The company’s prepared coal sales were more than 382,000 tons in 2018 – up from the previous sales record set in 2014, which clocked in at 374,000.

 The primary drivers behind the sales growth were increased demand from metallurgical process industries, the home heating sector and the food services market – namely coal-fired pizza.

 “We are more than thrilled with the record sales numbers we achieved this past year,” said Greg Driscoll, president and CEO of Blaschak Coal Corp. “While we’ve seen demand in traditional markets driving current sales levels, the continued interest in the presence of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in anthracite and other related materials, and the potential for growth in other carbon-related markets which has fostered a number of new projects, are also positive signs for the future of anthracite.

 “At Blaschak, we are encouraged by this record, and see it as a sign of continued growth for us and the local industry. There is a significant remaining reserve of this valuable resource. The Pennsylvania anthracite industry will continue to serve existing markets, and grow as those markets grow. We also see new markets emerging; markets where the characteristics and properties of anthracite can provide unique quality and performance. As demand grows, we envision an acceleration of regional mining activity across the industry that will in turn, accelerate the realization of the environmental restoration, community safety, economic growth and quality of life benefits needed in the region,” Driscoll continued.

 “Even though record regional rainfall provided challenges to mining activities across the industry in 2018, increased demand for our high-quality anthracite products drove strong overall performance,” Driscoll added. “We remain committed to being a leader in safe and responsible operating practices while increasing capacity, providing excellent customer service and exploring new market applications.”

About Blaschak Coal Corp.

Blaschak Coal Corp ( is a miner, preparer and marketer of Pennsylvania anthracite. Blaschak is a market leader and one of the few fully integrated U.S. anthracite companies with a large reserve base, multiple mines and preparation plants, a bagging plant, both rail and truck loading facilities, and extensive marketing operations serving a wide range of end markets, including home heating, steel and water filtration.

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