Blaschak Coal Corp

Commercial Uses

Anthracite is the original fuel that fired the Industrial Revolution around the globe.

By the turn of the 20th century, anthracite was powering the Industrial Revolution. It continued to play a prominent role in meeting the production needs of two World Wars.

But as oil, natural gas and bituminous coal resources were discovered and tapped, anthracite began to lose its historical market share. From a high of more than 100 million tons of production early last century, anthracite coal mining in Pennsylvania had declined to less than two million tons by the year 2000.

Today, Pennsylvania anthracite coal is enjoying a renaissance.

As alternative sources of heat and process carbon have become more expensive, and metallurgical coal supplies have had difficulty meeting the needs of the market, attention is turning once again to anthracite as an energy source.

Anthracite is in high demand by a variety of industries:Blaschak Pizza
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Home and institutional heating
  • Industrial heating
  • Steel production
  • Sugar production
  • Water treatment  and water filtration
  • Coal-fired pizza

In addition, growing economies in the Far East, South America and India are driving up demand for anthracite.

Blaschak Coal Corp. is uniquely positioned to serve as a global supplier of anthracite coal, with rail access to East Coast ports.  Blaschak currently exports a significant and growing portion of our coal production.

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