Blaschak Coal Corp

About Blaschak Coal Corp

Blaschak Coal Corporation is one of the country’s top anthracite producers.  

From its founding in 1937 to its operations today, Blaschak has built a legacy of mining innovation and environmental restoration, all while meeting the needs of customers around the world – and in our backyard.

Located in the coal country of northeastern Pennsylvania between the borders of the Lehigh Valley and Greater Philadelphia Region, Blaschak Coal Corp.’s headquarters lie in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

Blaschak Highlights:
  • More than 374,000 tons sold in 2014, shattering previous years’ sales records
  • In 2012 raw coal production of close to one million tons
  • Sustainable business model
  • Integrated producer – processor – distributor
  • Five mines; two major processing facilities
  • Most diverse markets and more balanced than others in industry
  • Easy rail access to East Coast ports for exporting to growing global markets


Blaschak – World’s Greatest from Blaschak Coal on Vimeo.

Company History

For 75 years, Blaschak Coal Corp. has remained at the forefront of anthracite mining. Today, the company maintains a leading role in the industry with a strong legacy and a bright future.

1937 - John, Anthony Sr., and Walter Blaschak start Blaschak Trucking, a transporter and marketer of deep-mined coal

1945 - Blaschak acquires a deep mine at St. Nicholas

1955 - The Blaschak Breaker at St. Nicholas Village is constructed and the company begins preparing raw coal 

1967 - Blaschak upgrades its breaker facility

1959 - Blaschak enters into the bituminous coal industry

1974 - The onset of the first major U.S. energy crisis drives the demand for anthracite coal. Blaschak expands its operations through acquisitions and partnerships

1978 - A bagging plant is built to support the company’s entry into the home heating and supplemental heat market

1984 - Blaschak begins surface mining by assuming a competitor’s lease

1985 - Blaschak purchases the first new dragline in the anthracite industry in over 30 years

1991 - Blaschak purchases second dragline allowing the company to mine approximately 40 to 50 percent of its raw coal needs

2002 - Blaschak upgrades its breaker facility

2006 - Primrose mine is developed, boosting in-house supply capacity to approximately 75 percent of Blaschak’s raw coal needs, if necessary

2009 - Blaschak acquired by Milestone Partners

2010 - Blaschak acquires mining rights to Lattimer Basin and purchases Lattimer breaker

2011 – Company records are set for mine production, coal processed, and tons sold

2013 – Blaschak annual coal sales hit 317,000 tons, breaking previous records

2014 – New records are set for annual coal sales as Blaschak tops 374,000 tons sold

2016 – Mt. Carmel development opens

2018 – Blaschak receives $1 million grant, provided by the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), supported by Governor Tom Wolf

2018 – Blaschak becomes the exclusive anthracite supplier to Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza

2018 – Blaschak sets its latest sales record, hitting 382,000 tons sold